Monday, January 22, 2018

What makes a place special???

What makes a house special? From the outside I mean... we are trying to sell our Maryland cottage now and it was very special to us but strangers see it as older, needs updates.
I'm continuing the posts on the architectural details of the neighborhood of Baker in Denver. We only walked here, we haven't found a new home yet. Look at the shingles, which are on most homes, but this owner painted them in shades of blue to resemble sky!
not a lot to see here, symmetry I suppose. Nice yard and picket fence but you know me... I looked closer!

I wonder if there are people inside wondering what I could possibly be taking a picture of??

 This time it was the ornament on the porch...

Little pink elephant watering can! How adorable. I want one! In the pic I see the periwinkle paint on posts.

How about a putting green front yard? Hilarious! I call our rental's yard a putting green but this one actually works..
I almost clapped, but then noticed the statues in the "rough" stony area...

 snake! Why in the world? 

Betcha this yard evolved over time like most homes and yards do. 
As the years tick by, little changes add up and pretty soon you have a putting green in the front yard.

Or a bust of Michaelangelo? 

next to gnomes? A bench nearby so you can sit and contemplate Plato or whoever that is? 

 Whatever you do, it's your 
"HOME" like the sign on this house.

 Note the cool roof line ornaments

Or do you give up on lawn and just cement it all in?

How odd the home... like two distinct homes connected.

They seem to be squared off or peaked with lots of roof lines and tiny windows in peaks.

How bout that chain link fence from the 60's?  Anyone remember those? I grew up with them keeping me in the yard!

Some shingle looked like quilt patterns. Hexies 9 patches? Or cornerstones in borders???
What if you live in the city but want a vege garden?

Just build raised beds on the tree lawn!

Make yourself at home!

This is obviously a neighborhood of individuals!

Just dance like no one is watching!
But don't lose your head over it!

I fell in love with this porch.

Wrap around with great balance. Repetition of line in railing and top railings. For some reason I love the little street lamp next to the stairs. And the little window in the eaves.

How about their yard, obviously this owner knew a bit about creating visual line... look at their patio stone line, intersecting their walkway...

I trust it's nicer in Spring and summer. I am OVER all the brown. Over it.

We pondered that question while Milo pondered the smells around another tree. I mean, it is some kind of decorative statue built around a tree... is it a plane?
Who thinks this stuff up?!?!

Nearby was a yard where their portion of the tree lawn, the part between the sidewalk and the street, 
had a picket fence. Just the pickets, Ma'am! Forget the fence part.
Odd? Interesting? Make you wonder about the owner who carefully placed the wood where they wanted it, took an afternoon of planning and digging to create this?
Okey, dokey.
One last shot. This house has some intricately painted ornaments.

They sure don't do this anymore!

The peach shingle is repeated over the door and that little outline over the front window is plasterwork.

Yep, they don't make 'em like this anymore.

So glad a person found value in preservation.

Let's end with a nother yard ornament...

Sunday, January 21, 2018

A quilt store, a neighborhood of old homes, and a snowfall...

 A quilt store, a neighborhood of old homes and a snowfall...
                                                go into a bar...
Maybe not but they are the focus of today's post!
 MILO:    Heyyyyyyyy
How come I can't help dig? I have really strong front paws. I hate hearing, "Milo stay inside for a minute"
I know what that means! Keep out of my way! Don't run off chasing bunnies! no biting my coat!
NO Having Fun...

 LeeAnna: well, doesn't look like Daddy's having that much fun shoveling 5 inches of snow off the drive.Well the brown color is covered by white, and the sky is gray, and the small saplings are still brown.
I live in a neutral world.
Let's remember colors!
 Last weekend we went walkabout in Denver and lo and behold! There was a quilt store! Fancy Tiger. 
I told you about it in (this post) and  (this I Like post) this week. 
It was an oasis of color y'all. Just look at this bin of wool felt rectangles. At two dollars each, I bought three to play with! Whee!
They have unusual clothing patterns, lots of quilting cottons at normal prices, all forms of fiber to felt, weave, knit and embroider, kits for embroidery, tools for every fiber craft, several large classrooms including a cozy big table near the checkout counter, where I watched a group making what appeared to be mixed fiber wall hangings. I had to get some of this...
sort of crazy psychedelic girl pink crazy stuff. I have no idea what to do with it but I liked it! 

After I wallowed in color and talked to peeps that also loved fibers, I rejoined my Men Folk, one of whom was barking to tell me where he was while sitting on the lap of the other. You guess who was whom.

We walked around the Baker neighborhood, something I just love doing. It was started in the 1890s, and went from very modest little cottages to grander homes fit for large families. Imagine the time period. 
Loved this old birdhouse on the gate!

Turn of the century, gas lights, indoor plumbing becoming common, the cusp of telephones and electricity and cars. People still sat on front porches and called on neighbors. Windows would be open so one might hear piano's being practiced, children playing, a  Victrola might have ragtime music on. Horses would clop down these streets. There were likely streetcars on Broadway. 

Please enjoy the architectural details I took pics of!  I have a lot of cool images so stay tuned for following posts! 
Enchanting front yard, and colorful 50's metal chairs

The swirly tree branches create a mood for this 2nd story porch, don't they?
even the smaller homes had interesting shingle colors. Each home here was unique. Over the years, each owner left their mark, changing colors or creating little odd front yards. I have more shots for tomorrow's post, "eaves, shingles, yards and statues

This one has a very interesting entry to me, with a little porch on top! With a swing!
And all painted the most interesting blend of turquoise, blue, purple, and cream. Picture yourself sitting quietly watching people walk by, maybe reading a novel.

This person had a little lending library for people walking by. Nice to know it's a neighborhood of readers isn't it?
Yes, modest small homes next to grander versions. Very interesting. I always want to find a book on how a city grows. Maybe show the same land each decade to see when a house was squeezed in, when one burned down and a different style was put on that plot.
I'll leave you today with this image...
yes... indeed.
Wage peace! Put fervor into the process! Intent! Power! Power of Peace!
Instead of pretending we are all so different, guarding our resources, arguing over how to get enough, maybe like John Lennon said, we could... like this sign suggests... wage peace?


Saturday, January 20, 2018

Saturday's Critters

There is a link party called Saturday Critters and I love it. All God's creatures.

I love the image we took on a recent walk around Washington Park. The quiet of it is reflected in muted colors. It still has a reflection of the setting sun on the right. I like the water next to frozen ice... just like that our environment changes. The birds could choose between walking and swimming. I like the texture the ripples give.

I also like the stillness and peace, knowing any minute a bird could startle and all would fly off.

Change. Water changing to ice, changing light quality as the sun sets, changing habitat and likely location for these particular birds. Big change of habitat for the three of us.

 Washington Park is in Denver's Cherry Creek area.

See the sun quality change as we walk around the lake. All of these birds were ice skating.

I love the next one...

One among many. One who chose to stand alone. Impossibly standing on water.

Do you ever think about birds? Do you wonder if they have thoughts? As they live their lives in search of food, shelter, and a flock to belong to... how is that so very different from what we do?

Are we more important than other creatures on earth? Maybe to each other, but not in the grand scheme.


We also walked one afternoon around the Baker neighborhood full of interesting homes. 

I loved it so much. The homes are quirky. I wonder about all the generations of families, or individuals who found shelter and belonging here over the last hundred years? I wish I met them.

As we walked along, I noticed interesting yards, architecture, and this fellow in the top window...

So quiet. Intensely watching us go by with Milo...
Daddy says, look Milo! Look up! So he looks right up in the sky for a plane. He never noticed the quiet chap watching him from above.
This pic is slightly different, as we walk by. the angle changes. He has slightly shifted forward, nose closer to the open window. His expression changed as we got further from him, intensified. I wondered did he pined for Milo to come play in the tiny postage stamp yard with him?

What's your story, pretty?

yet another lovely home with a big wide porch. Built in Victorian times, when people often had large families. Built in a time when architectural details mattered. I plan to do a post on Monday with lots of interesting, at least to me, pictures of the homes.

Did a woman care for this home, keeping it clean and cozy for a family? Was she proud of how pretty it was, did she host women's groups where they planned how to win the vote? Didn't she see a lot of changes over her life? !

 Look closer in the window at the new family.
This gorgeous cat watched Milo parade by. When I stopped to watch it, a little boy ran to the front window.

the family changed of course, from 1890,  but I imagine back then a cat sat in a window and a little boy might run over to see why it was looking out. Changed but the same in a way.

More next week.
visit http://viewingnaturewitheileen. for more critter pictures

Thursday, January 18, 2018

I Like Thursdays #72

Welcome to this week's list of likes...

DH showed up with my happiest of flowers, tulips. This time bright yellow and orange. I have many vases but they are still hidden in boxes.
  I did unload this Valentine vase since it was marked Family Room! Yea! Perfect!
Flowers bought with love for me, to make me smile deserve a V-day vase in red. Red, gold and orange... all hot colors to balance the ahem, neutrals outside. I read popular home dec colors this year are, ready? brown and tan.
Are those even colors? No thanks, I'll just continue to decorate with brilliant blue, bright lime, clear red.

I love the colors on these clearance towels from Khols.

Turquoise, red and white. So pretty, and good through the winter in my mind.

I am replacing the towels that shrunk and distorted over time, making them hard to use.

  I cut them in half, sewed the edges together and turned inside out and they are lovely washcloths for the kitchen! Very useful, slip a hand in if you want a mitt. The yellow color has faded through many washings but they are still yellow, a happy color!

I loved this sign at the entrance to the Native American exhibit at Denver science museum
It says, We are all different, we are all the same

I'm dreadfully tired of people judging others based on color, culture, place of origin, money, weight, or any other characteristic other than character. We might like someone better because of shared values, interests, or how safe we feel with them, that's reasonable. But every creature has value.

We three went on walkabout to Broadway! Not that Broadway, the street in Denver! Recommended by the physicist we chatted to at the science museum. But that's a story for another day... I thought I'd just tease you with the fabric buying trip to Fancy Tiger on Broadway in Denver.

My oh my, what a TERRIFIC store! I fell hard for this pink machine, although the color didn't translate well in my image
On the TV front, I'm happy the Amazing Race, Project Runway, Bachelor (I know, I know), and lots of ice skating is back. The ice skaters are amazing. SImply amazing.

I skated around rinks as a child, holding to the wall, one foot in front of another. I remember the miracle of learning to go backwards, and turn around while moving.

When I lived in Canada I took my first lessons and then practiced on the outdoor lake with my then boyfriend who was a hockey player extraordinaire. So balanced and strong on ice, with me basically still looking like a 2 year old. No, worse, a two year old has no fear!

 These Olympic skaters are so sure on the ice, are so brave to be thrown in the air spinning like meat on a rotisserie, then landing sure footed. Beautiful. And the men hold partners over their heads, spinning around while moving forward, the partner balanced on one arm.

If you come over once a week, please check out this week's posts on quilt patterns in the Science Museum and my startling vision on a trip to lunch

I love the little Japanese bowl I found at TJMax.

 We went in search of pyrex with lids as we can't find ours yet, and did not find those but found this. Such a pretty way to feed my pup, and a pretty bowl to see in the food stand.

Milo: whatever. I don't get the excitement... I mean it's not like raw meat appeared in it! Just a constant supply of kibble with the rare veg on top. Meh. I mean, I can hardly see the color anyway, but if the Mama is happy, guess I am happy too. I gave her a little tail wag, just to encourage her.

I Can't Keep Calm I'm A Poodle Dog Bandana | Choice red, blue, pink, black | Great gift for dogs and owners | FREE world ship
from etsy   link:
Milo liked walking with his peeps at Washington park this past weekend.

He liked riding in the car, meeting other dogs... well I'll let him finish here

Milo:    I liked the Canadian Goose poop!  hahahahaha, poodle humor!
Sure I liked being with my peeps, smelling something different, (especially the goose poop) and everything.

I admit I got a little nervous when Mama hared off into that quilt store but she came out and found us because I barked real loud and persistently so she could find her way back to us. I'm a loud barker.

Please enjoy these other fine people keeping life real and positive, best we can! Consider joining us sometime, we love to welcome new "I Like" posters! Let me know in comments or email.

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