Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Why yes, I'll have a bowl of ice cream

 Cole enjoys ice cream.   A LOT!
We made the mistake of letting him lick a bowl once and now it's expected.
He can count to two. My husband finishes first, and Cole is there to help clean up...
Then he waits impatiently for mine. Then he forgets he had some and waits for his bowl to materialize.

 Um, my bowl seems to be empty.

My. Bowl. Is. EMPTY.

Sometimes we give him a little bowl of whipped cream, which he also forgets he had.
Do the calories go away if you forget you ate?

So sad when the ice cream is gone. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

late to the zen party

Okay, so I am a little late to the Zentangle party. Our Quilt Book Study Group is learning and practicing the art of ink and paper starting with a great video. Our leader hit the pause button often as we took our next baby steps. It is just so much fun to try something new if you have friends next to you!

 First we did the little 3 inch paper that came with the kit. And it came out looking okay! I kind of like the photo taken on my porch tablecloth. I do like some color!
We tried two more exercises together, and I did them on a piece of regular paper. I like a lot of the patterns, and found myself unhappy not having enough space to play in, so I made a few outside the box! Typical...
After everyone was tired, I moved on to my favorite subject...

 Flamingos!!!  I sketched out a flamingo in my sketch pad, and began using the patterns we learned today. I like it! I even started making up my own patterning. For some reason all the many books on zentangles have overwhelmed me, so many patterns in black and white on each page, just too much. So I haven't tried it til today.
We all sketched away, not quite the zen atmosphere you want, we gripped our pens and held our tongues just so... but we all did it.

Now I am INTO it folks!

I came home and thought, what if I add some color, just a wee bit. You know how I am about color!
So, I sketched the flower, then filled it in, then got out some prismacolor pencils... and made this. Fun too. Can't wait to try this on fabric next week.

More sketching like a four year old  just a click away, oh, go see, you know you want to!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Ah, red stained glass

I'm showing you the last of my red scrappy blocks for this month's rainbow scrap challenge at
super scrappy Saturday link party  A different color is chosen each month.
This month I got out the box of red scraps. There is a lot of good energy in the color red! I feel different just working with it! Are you effected by different colors??

These are the stained glass blocks I am doing in each color, the pattern is a click away right here!
Here are some of all the colors and aren't they exciting?? We have some colors yet to come, so stay tuned.
The block calls for a thin strip of black around each but I am liking them cheek to cheek like they are here!
Enjoy your scraps! Visit the other links to see their red blocks.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

I still do...

Contra dance
stolen kisses
leads to love
and marriage
This is for my dear husband Drew on the occasion of our 20th wedding anniversary. I still do... love you.

These photos are from dusty framed snapshots that sit on our shelves every day, so please excuse the graininess or reflections. Look at the love shared.

This in on the coast of N. CA

We met at a contra dance in Fl, and spent the week basking in each other's company.(check out a contra post here!) Despite Drew telling me he wasn't good at letter writing, we kept in touch. So much so that we were engaged within 3 months and married within a year.

Ah San Fransisco, look at those newlyweds! So glad the wedding is over and they can start their lives.

 Both relieved to find the person who wants and supports and cares for them so very much. A place to belong. A family. These two didn't think about 20 years from that date and all they would go through together in the mean time. They just knew it was good to be together.
We still prefer each other's company.
We've traveled many places, including this birthday trip for me to Newport RI when Cole was an infant.

We have experienced loss and wins and daily life together.
Drew is the one I want to tell my story to at the end of each day.
During our courtship, which was long distance MA to FL, we spoke nearly every day, wrote letters, one of us received flowers regularly, and saw each other when we could. All looking toward the day when we would live together.

We have a few pictures on shelves, but we have many more mental pictures of the moments that make up our life together. We have many stories to share at the end of the day.
I am continually grateful for our love.
 Love, LeeAnna
look at this cute picture from last year  click here!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Walk Softly...

"Walk Softly..."   12" X 12"     (c) LA Paylor 2014
I got behind in my work.
I just finished the STAT project... for last month!  Our  focus artist was Jacob Lawrence, and you'll have to google him to see images of his artwork.
When I approach these exercises I try to look at the artist's  whole body of work and decide what characteristics I see. In Jacob Lawrence I saw simplicity of line, gold red and blue, and political statements against oppression.
My poodle has found an enormous tree limb, taken up the battle against injustice in his world: Bad food, leashes, rules about furniture, and lack of autonomy.

My group is called STAT and you can see a few of my other pieces under that label   click here!

The group studies a different artist and makes a textile piece inspired by said artist, with an emphasis on textures.

now for a few comments on materials

The tree is from a Rennaisance vest I made dh. It is wonderfully shiny textured and fun to manipulate. You'll notice how I sort of pushed it into mounds while stitching. I couched a hairy yarn over the bark. 
All stitching was done in the quilting stage. I felt Jacob L's words would have been roughly cut, so that's what I did, and I wanted the viewer to fill in the blanks (carry a big stick) of the quote by T. Roosevelt.
The letters are held on by echo quilting with madeira twist metallic threads,same with the poodle curls. Free motion, fun, create as you go. The grass is var. YLI cotton 40 wt. Thick. The nose is inked on.

As a pup, Cole was president of the stick relocation team in our neighborhood. He attempted many a limb, because he always felt you should reach for the stars and he has a healthy ego.

Our next artist is Edward Hopper and due in two weeks. Wish me luck! LeeAnna

Monday, July 21, 2014

The batik explosion

I am in the process of re-washing my batik fabrics. I love batiks for their painterly effect but the chemicals used to process them give me big allergy problems. I know people who cannot even touch them in a store, in fact I have trouble walking past the row sometimes. But I want a piece of all of them.

These neutral batiks were washed once already but I can't piece with them because when I press them I get sick.
So I took out the drawer and it took two loads, two HOT water washes each, to start over. 
I thought, there! Three hot water washes! That should do it!
I still smelled about 6 of them while pressing.

WHAT does it take??

This is why I have trouble in classrooms. So many people do not prewash, and if the batiks still have that smell after three washes, imagine my reaction when someone is piecing with unwashed fabric.
Also a note: Check out how massive that pile of fabric is! It came out of the drawer on top of it in that top picture. This is the reason my drawer stays full no matter how much fabric I use!
The other note: After refolding it all went back into the drawer like this
It's only one of my four batik drawers. While folding I wondered how many yards are in here. YIKES!
(dh stop reading right now!) It might be about 70...although some might not be whole yards.
 I've been collecting fabric since 1985! I also seldom turn down fabric given me by friends.

I sure hope I can use them now that they have been washed two more times. Anyone else have sensitivities?
How do you deal with them? Is there a special soap? I already use unscented.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

the winners are...

The winners of my one year anniversary giveaway are... Angela and Kaja!  Congratulations!
Originally I was going to give away one hexie pincushion but in my heart of hearts I wanted to make one for everyone! I just couldn't but I did make another one so I could draw at least two names.
I always want everyone to win, so hopefully I will be able to give something to each of you over the years.

I put your names on slips of paper, and asked Cole to leave the TV show and come pick one. He said he wasn't falling for THAT! He has gotten in an amount of trouble for eating paper including my watercolor painting over the holidays,  read all about it here so he wasn't even getting near to paper.
 In front of me.