Monday, October 16, 2017

moveaway giveaway

This is a random images post... with a giveaway!
 It is Milo's day so he'll walk you through... 
 I'm a poodle who respects women, especially women in the arts as my mama is an artist-type. That's why I am having some oatmeal in that bowl, cause mama went to the Women museum in DC. I didn't because I wasn't borned yet but also they don't like doggies inside I don't know why. 

Mama has been anxious lately so it makes me anxious. I thought I could help her pack by giving away some of the Meeeelion art supplies she has hoarded bought over the years. (they came before I was born 7 months ago) 

LeeAnna here: I will give this magical box of stamps, and inks and pens to a lucky winner who entertains and distracts me the most. Being a follower will help so let me know how you follow my little blog. 

Tell me where you'd love to live in the USA if you could go anywhere. I am torn between Lake Placid in NY state and Santa Barbara CA. Of course I've not visited all the states yet but I know I love those. 

I'll choose a winner at my whim, but Milo may have an influence. 

Also, want to see what a crazed person went in the studio and put together in an hour? With scraps (from a friend) that could have been thrown out? 
 It's all flannel. I made the lumbar pillow out of the scraps I had, none went to waste, had just enough to put that flange/border. I quilted it to some waste batting. Then sewed some poly solid throwaway for the back, turned it inside out through an opening and sewed around the flange through all layers to finish. Before sewing the opening closed I stuffed it with fiberfill. Voila done. 

Note my sock and legging, and my nail polish this morning! LOl. 

Milo here: 
Don't forget to distract Mama with your entries... she needs a good therapist too if you know one... 

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

I Like Thursday #58 Renaissance Festivals and Other Diversions

Welcome to this week's list of likes! Of course there are lots of normal everyday things to like each week but I am so distracted, busy and terrified of the changes happening to me that this week I will focus on diversions from all the decisions! Renaissance Fest, tv shows, videos and books.
I LOVE a Renaissance Festival. LOVE!
I worked the festival in Largo Florida, much like the village here it was a permanent site that created a magical moment for visitors. I was a magicians assistant one year, and a street personality the other 12 years. For 6 lovely weeks a year, on the weekend, I was not the social worker I was Malady Malaise who saw visions and sold fortune "clams" like fortune cookies made of raw clay. I developed a whole storyline, and the patron would easily crush the shell (if they were good of heart that is) and read the fortune I had written.

Amazing how the very one a person needed to receive would be the one they chose from my basket.
ship from carved wood with spooky fabric sail
 I love history, visiting historical sites, reading Smithsonian for the archeology discoveries, shows on history that give me insight into life as it was. I did a fair bit of theater as a twenty-something as well. Singing and dancing and acting.
 I love a craft show, and this festival in Crownsville MD has a great list of artisans in permanent fanciful buildings. I used to make pottery, and loved this artist's hand built work. I would have bought one but for the prices! A mug was $59! Very cool but expensive! Isn't that rabbit awesome?
This hand carved bed has stars on the headboard... that light up! There are actual lights in them!
I enjoy the people as much as the atmosphere and the shopping. The ladies in this shop were doing handwork
You see all manner of dress, people do not keep to the time period. They seem to see it as fantasy and dress in just about any weird get up possible. We make a game of finding the weirdest dress. I was watching a Shakespeare Play and noticed this guy wore no costume but his entire back tatoo
I suppose he has to find reasons to go shirtless to show that off. Not my cup of tea!
As we were walking around I spied this wench... and guess what... the advice was free! She cracked me up. When I approached her with the question, "are we making the right move to Colorado?" and "Do we tell estranged family members we're moving?" she actually pondered the problems and came up with three answers to each question! My husband had no questions for her...
Maybe he was pondering whether these magic wands actually could solve all our problems!!

I like that I met the deadline for Art with Fabric challenge this week. I stopped everything and sewed.
see the whole story click here! 
It was inspired by van Gogh, who respected and loved nature.

So along with our moment out of time, Survivor started again. NO ONE TOLD ME! Dang!
Image result for survivor 2017
 I had to go back and watch the first episode on line but I'm caught up and watching every Wednesday!

Still watching Dancing with the stars and project runway.

Last week Jocelyn mentioned the Great British Sewing Bee. What a terrific show but we can't watch it here in the US. I have tried for years to find it online to no avail. Now because of her, I tried again and found some episodes on line and have been watching them all week!!!!
Here's the link I found

This is so different from Project Runway. I wish we got it on our PBS like we do the Bake show. If you like to sew, you'll like this show.

You're welcome.

I'm reading the next book in the Laura Childs teahouse mysteries.
Cover Image
She has a few series going so when I finish with the teahouse books I'll move on and read the scrapbooking series as well!

I need diversions as the process of going through a lifetime of collections, papers, memories is draining. It's a constant value assessment. I ran across all my watercolor paintings  yesterday. I didn't realize I was a good painter til I saw them from the distance of time. I plan to frame some for the new home and to resume painting as well as write my book.
 Image result for TJ's rugelach
That's it for this week, aside from the constant desire for sugar. I have enjoyed the cinnamon Trader Joe's rugelach way too much.

Milo is taking a week off. He's having to keep his Mom calm with all the disasters happening. She is upset at her personal upheaval, and upset for Puerto Rico, for the wildfires across her loved California, for the mass shootings, and for a leader who is allowed to denigrate people across the globe.

It's not who we are as Americans. Americans believe citizens have the right and responsibility to protest peacefully, to express ourselves, to  a free press and the first amendment (much more important than the 2nd amendment that says we can have weapons for a militia).

The worst leaders take away knowledge first, then take away rights. I am constantly worried and frightened for the future because of one person's words and actions that are causing us to be divided not united.
One person.

sorry to put this in a thankful post but life is very uncertain and I'm doing these posts to keep perspective. It's difficult at times to keep your head up and keep going. We will do that, right?
That said, please visit these people with a list of the lovely things they like this week

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Van Gogh Inspired "Poodle in Sunflowers"

"Poodle in Sunflowers" 12" X 12"
This is my latest STAT quilt interpreting a famous artist's style in fabric with an emphasis on texture.

I am part of Alida's Art with Fabric blog hop. Please visit the others after you've seen mine!

Van Gogh: Six Sunflowers, 1888, oil on canvas.
this is my reference photo for Van Gogh's sunflowers. I research my chosen artist and try to decide something to reference. Spirals, bold use of primary color, strong lines and his words were my inspiration.I also have tried to include a poodle in each of these 17 quilts! Just for fun. Just so they reference ME!
I start with a 12" piece of peltex. I wanted to keep it simple and bold, but textured so I first put a cotton background, then added a sheer with glittering spirals on top

to form the background to my composition. I brought the overlay to the back, encasing the cotton, and basted it as I knew I didn't want a binding this time.
I chose fonts and printed three quotes as well as an image of Milo to print onto the printable fabric and cut out

The fabric is pre-mounted for the printer and coated to make it permanent once heat set.

the white fabric was too white, so I dabbed these paints onto the quotes using a sea sponge.

An easy way to soften the look and continue the color palette
Then I start cutting and placing fabric with pins

Quick, free form cutting and layering. Overlap some dark fabric for shadows, take away so many flowers from Milo's mouth.
Go to machine with it held in place with a few pins and start stitching. Some buttonhole, some spirals, some free motion, some echo quilting with straight lines.
stitched in curls on the poodle
Quickly as if I am painting brushstrokes. I know the thread color and weight will add dimension. I want to mimic brushstrokes. The photo fabric is dense to sew through. The sheer is sparkly with glitter that must be contained or will migrate into the machine.

The applique is held on with stitching only, no fusible, allowing it to curl and fray a bit, which I like.
 Immediate, approachable, momentary like a chalk painting on a sidewalk.I think it gives texture and energy to the piece. I could plan, and make a mock up, draw out lines to follow and follow them carefully but what fun is that? It's not my artistic desire to be so careful, it's my goal to enjoy the trip. Careening into the grave with a martini glass in one hand and a sewing machine in the other!

Note the crystals ironed on around the flowers to add a highlight. I might have hand beaded if I'd had more time.

The back holds one more quote, and shows the stitching. I used black bobbin to look more sketch like.

The sunflower print was short so I added a strip of yellow that I wrote the quilt's info onto.

Before quilting, I pressed under the backing edges all the way around and placed it over the edges already turned to the back. This allowed me to keep glitter from migrating to the machine.
A quick hand stitch and edges are finished off.
I think van Gogh would have laughed, and liked this tribute to him. He loved nature, was awed by what he saw, and sought like I do, to capture a bit of it in his art! 

Hope you had fun, please visit the other artists on this blog hop, finding the complete schedule at
 Art with Fabric blog hop

Thursday, October 5, 2017

I Like thursday #57

Welcome again, to this week's list of likes! 
While looking through a lifetime of saved objects I have been finding some that I forgot about.
The mushroom was hand stitched by my hands as a teenager.

I always loved sewing and crewel work. It is a tablecloth full of garden and mushroom images! I went through a moment when I tired of it and luckily did not toss it since I love it again.I do not like people to say "if you haven't used it in a year, throw it away un-looked-at"

Oh no, that does not happen here. Look what I might have lost! Along with the hospital bill paid by my adoptive mother at my birth and other memento's.

Always so much to be thankful for in everyday life... this sign hung in my kind of store... old stuff and new stuff and lots to look at....
Look at the hand quilted quilts for sale...
And this pillow cracked me up...
I went through my Halloween decorations and packed the ones I want to take, and put out the ones I plan to leave... LOVE Halloween! I even shared some with friends...
Want to see some?
there are gold and brown lights around the door and on the bushes. The silver on garland is spiders!
I am from Tampa, home of the Gasparilla pirate festival, much like mardi gras...
I like my pirate booty, arggggg

I Liked putting some things out by the driveway, and having people take it away. Someone liked a wing chair, a lamp, a shelving unit, wrapping paper, glow in the dark skelli, and other stuff. Yea!

I like Honey Crisp apples!

I like bright blue skies with less humidity!
 I like that the show "This is us" is back on! Yipee! There are so few dramas on now to enjoy... this one is well written and acted. I am partial to the adopted son...

I like the tote bag some of my bee mates made for me as a going away gift. Note the poodle.

I liked using my textile paints on the latest artist inspired challenge.

 I was inspired by the work of van Gogh this time and that post will come up next week. I printed out some of his quotes, and the fabric was too white so I painted them with lime, green, and blue and a sponge. I love to paint.

I liked van Gogh's quotes a lot. He was a lovely person apparently, very sensitive and gifted. Being sensitive brings blessings and burdens. Most people don't know how to handle those of us who are really sensitive and we often feel lonely. I printed three quotes about his love of nature and God.

There are so many hours in a day for all my loves. I love to write, to paint, to sew, to read, to watch TV, to play video games, to walk, and to learn... I do not understand people who become bored. Where are their passions? As crafts people we are very lucky are we not?

Milo has been having fun meeting other dogs on our walks.

 He isn't allowed to run and play but he can sniff and rustle around them and walk next to them. Better than nothing. He is a happy boy, ready to go anywhere we do. I have to be careful to remember he's still a baby at 7 months, and has a soft heart and tender spirit. No fussing if he makes a mistake, just a quiet reminder usually works with him. He gets a hurt look that I try to avoid at any costs!

He has a like to share:

Milo here... I like Mama! I like leaving the house for a walk because you never know what you'll see! Or smell! I like my toys scattered across the floor near my bed so I can choose one to de-construct while Mama watches the talky-talk at night.

 I like when Daddy comes home because I practice biting on his arm. Oh he fusses but forgives. I'm tired of him picking me up to go upstairs but for some reason the pawrents do not want me doing stairs. But I LOVE snuggling up to Dad's legs in the big bed. Sometimes he gets pushed off, heh heh. Sorry Pop!

Please visit these other fine folks who also wrote an I Like post this week. They may not put in on their blog as early as I do, so check back with them. Join us too, won't you? If you did a post, let me know in comments.

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Monday, October 2, 2017

Milo's Meanderings... middle America

That's right!
On our recent cross country trip home I asked if we could get off the interstate and travel on old US 40. This is the old road built when the country was being built, to keep us moving West. It's so cool. Anyway....
We stopped to see the world's largest Wind Chimes in Casey Ill.


We walked around this adorable little town for two hours I think! We started with the Mailbox
See that person up there? We started here because it was next to the ice cream place where we tasted two delish flavors

ooops, all gone! Must have liked it
. While there I chatted up a group of women, the Live Wives Group on an outing. I LOVED them! 
see Milo being adored by 9 women
 They asked if I wanted to join, and I would but the commute to Illinois would be a bear.
We then walked over to see the

 in the candy shop. Of course.

Next, over to the world's largest bird cage....
And of course we went to the knitting shop

To see some really big knitted projects, done on the

World's largest knitting needles and crochet hook

did you need a sweater in extra large? Then bring your knitting and take a seat in the World's largest rocking chair...
If you make a mistake you can use this BIG PENCIL and ERASER to correct it!

 All this big stuff gave us a big appetite so we stopped in here to have a little snack...

It was between the Chair and the Wind chimes, next to the BIG WORKSHOP where one citizen organizes all this giant stuff! He loved the town so much he wanted other people to come visit, and came up with this idea that took off in a BIG way!
He just keeps on figuring out how to make it as large as his love for the town

 I have to show you this shirt hanging in the cutest little shop full of old and new stuff...
  Hope you enjoyed our little side trip in Illinois and enjoy your harvest... it's Fall Y'all.