Saturday, April 18, 2015

Did someone order a Purple Cow??

Did someone order a purple cow shake?
Only three ingredients, ice cream, milk and grape juice (eeewwww!)

 Reminds me of an old commercial for a drive-in diner: waitress asks customer "you want that with a shake?" Customer, "no you can just walk it over here"

The RSC2015  is still going on with purple this month's chosen color.
I present this month's cow!
Straight from the scrap bin, with possible heart tucked behind one ear, wearing a four-leaf clover fascinator and chewing down on another piece of clover. yummmmm
Without the heart, which I think I prefer. The appliques are not ironed on yet, hence the little pin holding her clover. I think I love the clover and little hat, so I might just stick them on for good.

The appliques came from the fusible scrap box, and the greens were too bright so I added shading with prismacolor pencils and marking pens.

The teensy 9 patches in purple and white were also hiding in the scrap bin. It gave me an idea for a setting when the herd is finished in all colors. Do you like the 9 patch fence??
Since I am head over hooves in love with a cow, I think there's a good chance of finishing this one!

I encourage each of you to find your special inspiration, ex: squirrels, cats, houses, or whatever and do one in each color. Colors aren't just for cows you know... see what other people are doing with color today over at so scrappy.
The herd so far, small but mighty, a Ranch-ette....
pattern source found here!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Giveaway Kitsch

A definition of Kitsch is:
art, objects, or design considered to be in poor taste because of excessive garishness or sentimentality, but sometimes appreciated in an ironic or knowing way.

Welcome to my giveaway!
To my friends here, I present...

The Crab Pen!
from as the natives say it, "Bawl'more"
You could read about that excursion in the
 post here (LINK)

Anyway, around Christmas we took a little trip to the harbor and I went into a tourist shop full of fun stuff and asked the clerk to direct me to the tackiest tourist stuff he had.

He was flummoxed because well, let's just say it, the whole shop qualified.

Little crab fridge magnets, change purses with claws, Old Bay flavored chips.
I chose this little gem for you, just in case you can't make it to Baltimore to visit with me, you can say your friend LeeAnna went to Baltimore and sent this to me!

Instructions for use:
move the little lever, the crab claws pinch something and the nib pops out. 

To enter, leave a comment (make sure I have your email addy) and tell me the tackiest trinket souvenir  you ever bought or received.
I am having the time of my life meeting you all online, thanks for visiting. LeeAnna

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Coping with life... prescription:sewing

My calendar: the words say,"I'm officially declaring this Mimosas and kites month"

A friend of mine came to my latest lecture. She commented later that what I talked about resonated with her and she is still thinking about it all! What a compliment, Judy. Truly the kind of connection I seek when I speak to a group.

She shared with me, that she basically  just likes to sew, nothing earth shattering, nothing original or artsy. She defined herself while listening to me. She is also a morning person (I can't relate) She makes donation quilts, which makes her tops in my book. I admire her generosity and loving spirit.
She just wants to sew.

Another friend is going through some hard life changes and dealing with loss. She says she can't seem to  think creatively at the moment, can't deal with the studio and it's "care and feeding" or focus on creating art.

It brought home the fact that so many of us cope with life by sewing. I express myself with my artwork, and these days my artwork involves fabric, but there are times I just want to sew.

 I need to sew. I feel unsettled if I don't sew each day.

I mostly do original work, and find it has become almost hard to follow a pattern . I have so much I want to express, that there are just not enough hours in the day to "make". And I'm a fast sew-er. But I also have times, and am kind of going through one now, where it's hard to go sew. However...

Even if I must drag a machine out to the family room where there is more room  to sew, or do hand sewing with hexies, I need to handle fabric. It soothes me and using color revives me.
The problem is the studio...

After months of careening from one deadline to the next, one project to another, through fabric acquisition (I'm part of  FAT =  Fabric Acquisition Team) etc, the studio is now a heap. It's in a state of disrepair. It's become an archeological dig in the making. It could be dangerous as piles may tumble over, or a person might step on a ruler or worse. My files are all over the place, ideas and hand-drawn patterns to complete. I would have started on my guild challenge today but can't locate the fabric.

A fat quarter can hide easily in a stash like mine.
Let's see... it should be near the surface... wasn't long ago it got washed...

Anyway it can be overwhelming to look at a mess even if it's your mess. And it takes space to drag stuff out in order to sort and put it away, like with like. I know how to organize and  it usually is organized. But...

 Life got in the way.

For months I have coped by pushing a stack to the side, so I could make something, Tomorrow I will do that because the leash caddy I designed and made is worn out and needs replacing. I don't remember where I filed the self-made pattern. I'll have to design it again. The eye drops and alcohol wipes are falling out of the old one so I must enter the studio, push the stacks to the left and make a new caddy. Tomorrow.

"Walks" stop for no man, and no woman with a messy studio.
Can you relate?
At least I'll be sewing.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Someone's been eating in my bed...

Mommy:  "Cole! What are you doing over on my side of the bed, I could have tripped or stepped on you!"

Cole: "My bed is all Crumb-y. Someone's been eating in my bed."

The story:

Early on in Cole's career, dh's parents came to visit with their dog, and Cole wouldn't eat.
 We took some water and food up to the bedroom for him in case he wanted peace and quiet to eat in the night.
That quickly became etched in stone and has continued for years now.
He likes his bed next to Daddy's side so he can make sure Dad wakes up at the first light, and so he can wake Dad if he (Cole)  has a nightmare or is cold or wants to go out. (Mommy is okay with this arrangement)

When Mommy comes up for the night, she brings Cole a bedtime snack.
This started to get him to stop pacing and lay down.

It has evolved into kibble, tiny cheese biscuits, a glucosamine square, and most lately dried cranberries.

Trail mix!

Do something once okay, do it twice and now it's a ritual and must be continued for life.
Lately there has been a need for a handful when Mom comes up at night, and another one when she comes out of the shower.
If for some reason Cole doesn't feel the kibble is kosher that night, he carefully picks out the good stuff, and leaves the kibble. That's usually when I trip over him coming out of the shower, because he can't be expected to lay in a crumby bed. He's a poodle for Pete's sake!!

Cole:  It's so hard to find good help these days

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

And this little piggy had coffee

Pattern source   Sew Precise software
And THIS little piggy had coffee.
Apparently even the thought of coffee sends her into dance mode. Spring! Coffee! Whee!

Give me a BIG cuppa!!!
And a big plate of something good to eat!!
I'll have to show you the four teapots all together later... so cute. Blue cherub, pink Betty Boop, Yellow chicken baking.... 
I like to have fun dishes to use in real life too. I've never seen any this fun though. 
 How about you?  Are your dishes fun? 

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

busy bee and tree

pattern source   quiltartdesigns.
I'm still here... still creating but busy at the moment. Wanted to say hi, and show one little paper pieced tree.
There are three, and being transformed into a quilt...

Sunday, April 5, 2015

But you only asked me twice!! Monday Mischief

Seems like every day when it's time for a walk, I say something like,
 "Hey Cole,  you want to go for a walk?" Most times I have to ask many times before he agrees.

He tips his head, thinking it over.   Waiting for a an engraved invitation possibly. Sometimes like today he doesn't even move, just watches me. Inscrutable.
He often just sits watching me pull on my shoes, getting my hat, finding my keys, all the while, basically begging him to come with me. There are times I walk over and put on his collar while he's still on his perch.

This day I wanted to get moving so I asked, repeated myself once then said, okay I'll be back in a minute.

And left.

I had a very relaxing walk, didn't stop once to sniff or pee or argue with a squirrel.
When I got back Cole was not only off his perch but pretty ticked off.
  I can only imagine what he was thinking....

Cole: " Okay,  wait for the third or fourth invitation, just to let her beg me as she should since I am the life of this party... (slam)


Hey.... wait just a poodle pickin' minute!!!  
She left.   
She left me!

She's walking without me! Everyone knows she has no sense of direction and left without a leash! OMG!
(Stew, stew, stew)  Feels like she's been gone for hours. She must be lost.
 What's that?: Momma coming back finally? Well she can just take me on my walk now.
That's right, I'm right here at the door, waiting... if I could have put on my own leash I would have, now lets go for the REAL walk, Come on momma! Come!
And none of that stupid walk around-the-corner-and-back stuff... oh no....a for reals walk!. I am going to smell it all and pee on it twice.  Now lets go!    ( she is so unpredictable)

She only asked twice!!!