Thursday, August 18, 2022

I Like Thursday #311


 Welcome to this week's list of likes.... starting with the shadow cast by flowers in patio pots

It cooled the tiniest bit this week, so I baked a blueberry cake and some crab rangoon appetizers too.

Saw a terrific movie on netflix this weekend

Wedding Season (2022) - IMDb 

charming, fun and nice. 


on audio, and so charmingly read, relatable character driven story.

 on ebook


last in the series, sad.... but she has other books to read, yea!

Our I Like Prompt for this week is : tell us about your favorite sandals and what you like about them

I have foot issues... many of us do. I have extremely high arches, and they need supporting. There are three makers of sandals that I love for their support, wearability, comfort, and I even like the way they look. Starting in the bottom left corner

Chaco: very supportive for all day wear. Adjustable, cups the heel, waterproof, good for hiking

 Olu Kai: the only thongs I can easily wear all day, soft, flexible, arch supported, I have three pairs! Look at the cute soles, love the red leather straps. The white/pink ones are waterproof

Birkenstocks... I have no idea how many I have presently but I've purchased so many styles over the years and love them all for the comfort. I don't care who makes fun of me. I don't care that my stupid niece calls them Jesus shoes. I do care that they support my feet and back, slide on easily, and are dependable. They come in many many styles and colors.

 awwwww!!  heartwarming.... the critters UPS delivery people have come to love

I like soft hearted people....
 this song was popular when I left for my first year at college... I was and remain very romantic and it made me want to love and be loved...

She was beautiful.... and I'm sorry she passed away 8/8/2022

barry gibb and ONJ ask, how can you mend a broken heart

Milo'e Moments

Hi Y'all. I'm a hard worker... I have to control things around here

Mama: ain't that the truth!

Milo: ahem, this is MY moment and I need some praise.  

Mama: oh don't you look innocent.  Milo, we haven't gotten to watch a movie all the way through since we got you. We thought, oh he's just a puppy, he'll settle down. Now you're 5 and still interrupt every tv show, movie and card game we try to play. "go out!" "more water!" "play chase me!" "fix me a chewie"

Milo: well, gotta keep your old selves moving or you'll rust! Hahahaha just poodle humor. I just want to play with you and make sure you notice I'm still here and on the job. Guarding the house from people getting their mail, driving their cars, walking their dogs, or delivering stuff to the door. 

Mama: you're a good boy honey.... thank you for your service!

 Milo: that's nice, now lets toss the ole' ring around a while.

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rosie and the boys nature pics  



easyweimaraner said...

birkies are super trendy this year, I love them too, but I need a lot of time, till they are "my" shoes..

Sara said...

Ah - sweet Milo! Makes me smile. I'm finally catching up a bit reading blogs and I actually got a kick out of your post today. I would be happy wearing any pair of your sandals! Those pink ones really caught my eye, but the Birkenstocks are always comfy. Guess I'm way past caring if I'm stylish or not. I spent decades wearing heels while teaching all day, and then I got smarter and became the queen of comfy shoes. My feet thank me!

Sandee said...

I love sandals. You can't have to many either.

Aw on handsome Milo. He's always a delight to see.

Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. Scritches to Milo. ♥

Cloudia said...

I am wearing those ultra comfortable oofos type slides on my feet. They really are great! Thank you for hosting. Here's my link

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

The Nantucket series you've been reading has intrigued me and I forget to look for them through my library - will have to do that. Glad you've found sandals that help your back. That's one of the reasons I wrote about my walking shoes - I can't walk too far in sandals! It's good that Milo is on guard at all times!

Kathe W. said...

awwww Milo- we all love you! I like all sandals! My fav tho are flip flops! In all colors! Cheers!

Brian's Home Blog said...

It's hard to find good shoes the older we get. Hey Milo, you do look like a hard worker and you're just so handsome! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Love your sandals! I have to grow my collection and will keep yours in mind. I'm so sad to hear about Olivia Newton-John. Her music reminds me of high school and college. So glad to hear Milo is keeping you busy!!

sonja said...

I am thankful for Oofos! oofos saved my bacon. a nurse recommended them about 12 years or so. since i am of a certain age, with high arched feet and when plantar fasciitis appeared, it started me on my quest of Oofos indoors, outdoors, out food shopping and even gardening and when i used to visit or go to other peoples home, i carried the cleanest ones in my purse /bag!
LA, if you have not tried them you are info a treat. Cloudia, i have 2 pairs of slides the last paid were blue bandana! i notice many nurses wear them in the mule style?.
i like your collection of sandles. i recall birkies in a mustard color way back in the day!

PaintedThread said...

Birkenstocks are popular! Mmm... blueberry cake! It's been ages since I've had crab rangoons (our local Chinese does awesome potstickers, so we always get them). Love all the UPS delivery animals. lol

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Glad you aren't asking me how many sandals I have. NONE. I wear Reebok tennis shoes with socks. I am NOT a sandal person.

That video of the UPS drivers and the dogs on their routes was wonderful. You can tell some really bonded with the dogs.

So glad you showcased Olivia Newton John. She was a great actress and a wonderful role model for young girls.

Sweet Milo always makes me smile, LeeAnna. He's always good for a smile.

Annie said...

I have one pair of sandals I wear and love wearing...I have several other pairs but they dont come close. I've just bought a new pair for the christening on Sunday but I've to learn to love them yet.
Milo always makes me smile. He has such a loveable could you possibly refuse his requests....very like our Milly.
Annie x

The Joyful Quilter said...

I can't wear either of your favorite sandal brands. Even though I have high arches and insteps, they just don't fit me properly. No matter how many styles I try on! :o((

ONJ? What a sad day that was! She was one of my favorites and I'm so glad that I got to see her in person a few years ago. (Few being a relative term, as it appears that it was more like NINE years at this point!)

Kathleen said...

Shoes….I need support for lack of arches….too funny. I love seeing what everyone wears and miss my sandals this summer. Next summer for sure! Sounds like some good things to watch, read and listen to. I am slow on everything these days but getting a little more done each day! Milo is too funny! Percy wound up with a sore on his face this week, so on antibiotics and a cone! He should be fine if it isn’t more systemic…at least that’s what I think.

riitta k said...

I have read all Elizabeth Strout’s novels translated in finnish. Sh has her unique style. Olive Kitteridge is such a lovable & human person, annoying on occasions though!

piecefulwendy said...

I enjoyed Oh William! it was a good read. I went to an ONJ concert way back in the day - I still remember it. I like your shoe choices!