Saturday, August 13, 2022

This creative week ...working in Fabric with orange tones

Index card art... One Line Leads to Another

Welcome to this week's creativity round up... a bit of paint on fabric, lots of stitching, and a bit of recharging going on at Chez LeeAnna's. The first pic was a continuous line drawing with thick pen on index card and I wrote one line leads to another with the letters all touching too. 

I find that to be the case...  

I enjoy many art/craft forms... and find I go back and forth between them. This week was spent back in my sewing studio, working with orange scraps because that's the color focus of the month at rainbow scrap challenge. 

 I saw a quiltmaker using these x blocks to do a big cross stitch quilt and thought how fun to play with this repetitive shape and lots of scraps. 

right now these are about 3-3.5" squares
 I needed to see fabric sewn to fabric this week, needed something that required little of me. 

You start with a 3" background square, cut in half on the diagonal. Insert a 1.25" strip, trim to square, then cut across that on diagonal and insert another 1.25" strip between the two. There is a little matching requiring a small ruler but other than that, it was good to play and imagine the possible color combinations as you sewed. 

I listened to several books on audio as I sewed. The design wall filled up with projects:

I have been making a twinkler block in each month's color way this year, and love the energy and happiness orange brings to the group...

Twinkler block pattern from Superscrappy
Orange in some amount or form will make any quilt sparkle. It's not as dense as red, not as pale as yellow.... but somehow makes me optimistic.

Did you notice the orange fabric on the wall?  It started as a piece of plain white about 9" X 20"

I used these to paint it

fuchia, golden yellow, sparkly rust

 by wetting the fabric, putting it in the pan, pouring on color, and mushing it around with some extra water. 


After the fabric absorbed the paint, there was still pretty watery paint left so I dunked in a strip of lavender with dots, and a scrap of old calico with red somethings

calico repurposed

I loved how the lavender absorbed the paint, and turned a great shade of pinkish orange!!! 

Ya never know! 

just try it!

so after it was very wet, I sort of mushed it out onto a plastic garbage bag and left in the hot 100 F colorado air to dry. 

Heat press, rinse with clear water and iron. 

this is intended to make this month's table scraps using orange scraps plus embroidery.... Still deciding on threads to use, and designs if any. 

maybe poppies? Maybe a big pumpkin? 

still needing therapeutic sewing... I moved on to really tiny thready strips...

and have no idea what will become of them... they did their job in calming my spirit so they will likely return to the orange scraps bin unless they become the table scraps piece... heyyyy a thick black thread embroidered just so might look like a poppy...

DH brought in two shirts with ragged hole/rips in them for mending so that's on the docket for this week. One is a Yale tshirt, bought on one of our trips... I would have loved going to school there but when I came of age, no one told me it was possible. Going on to university was enough and probably wasted on a "girl" 

two poorly shirts in the mending hospital
 One shirt is a black linen button down, totally terrific except for where the tear happened along the grain line and disintegrated into thready chaos.  I fused fabric to the back of each rip, and will go over with matching threads. It will be nearly invisible, especially when we seldom leave the house these days of infection running rampant. 

I basted and arranged the pretty orange hexies to be sewn at night as well. So it turned out this week was one of fabric... but I feel the pull of paint, beads, and book binding. The life of a creative person is never dull

patchwork Sunday                    

design wall Mondays at smallquiltsanddollquilts


art for fun Friday



  1. Such pretty things this week but your hand dyed piece turned out to be stunning! Wow! I’ve wanted to give dying fabric a try, but haven’t been brave enough. Yet. The little X blocks will be an excellent addition to plenty of designs. Very versatile I’m betting.

  2. Hi LA, mending and making and painting oh my!
    love the one line leads... on index card and her face!
    Love that you are painting cloth for projects!! love the way water and color play on cloth and paper! i love the transparent textile inks so much i don't care if they stain my fingers for days
    Now my fingers are blue/green today still from a painting session to yield sea glass color painted coasters ..for the beverage of your choice!
    AND you inspire me to sew more, that star pattern is so Kool
    and to make ice tea daily!

  3. Hi LeeAnna,
    thanks for the tip and instructions for the cross stitch block :)
    Great idea !
    One line drawing and writing is such a challenge ! Looks great !
    Lots of fun colour today ! Love that orange !
    hugs, take care,

  4. So much color in your life. I’m interested in how the painted fabric will end up. Is it stiff or fairly pliable? Curious! Reading your processes, again I am inspired. I’ve been stuck on a Table Scraps idea! Maybe one has blinked on!

  5. Love the x blocks you are making and the one sparkler each month. That is a fun approach to RSC. I will pick up in Septemeber. I love your dying and how fun the fabric turned out and your therapeutic sewing. I am not sure that would have been therapeutic for me. Too bad for people who believed women couldn't do the things they wanted, but look at all the beauty you create in the world. We are lucky to see it!

  6. so much to like this week.....your continuous line portrait, your small X blocks which suggest weaving, your twinkler blocks in all colors and your painted fabric.

  7. The cross stitch quilt sounds so fun! Can't wait to see it.

  8. Isn't mushing fabric into paint fun! And you got some great results!

  9. Those X blocks look very zen. No wonder you enjoy making them! I love orange. Your projects are varied and beautiful! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  10. A lovely face for sure. I love all of the orange you are playing with. One of my favorite colors. Thank you for joining Friday Face Off.

  11. I love the colors! They are so happy and made me smile.

  12. Oh! That one line portrait is awesome! You've really jumped into ORANGE, haven't you? Love, love, LOVE those scrappy X blocks!!!

  13. Your projects are so cool, LA! I like your idea of fusing fabric to a rip, then stitching over it. Guess what I’m going to do the next time I reach for the mending pile. Cheers!