Saturday, July 14, 2018

Writing prompt In the quiet of an evening

The writing prompt this week is from Sunday Whirlagig and I used 8 of the 12 words.

hologram, touch, lips, crown, tundra, stand, lifelong, garden, sings, anyone, parking, close

                                       In the quiet of an evening

She was walking through the park again, as she did at least once a day. Since moving to the big city she felt a strong need for nature to sooth her spirits. 

Funny about this move, she had a lifelong need for wandering and seeing the next thing. She had wanderlust, said her mother who also said,  "happiness is in your own back yard" 


Em thought, "I don't even have a back yard now" so where is happiness? 

She was feeling melancholy now, as dusk approached. Somehow the end of the day was at once peaceful and a little sad. Even noises seemed to dampen a bit, colors became a bit softer, edges a little blurry. Even as warm golden house lights began coming on, the world seemed quieter and more inward. It had always been a favorite time of day for her, an introspective moment. 

She approached the rose garden with it's statues and benches, with the big fountain in the center, ever gurgling like laughter. The roses were in full bloom now that the hottest part of summer was on them. She stood close to the statue of the mermaid, as close as she could, and softly touched her lips with fingertips that longed to connect with others. She was feeling lonely now. The statue was so real but not. 

One little bird was singing in the linden tree nearby. Must be seeking a mate. So was she. Wandering and seeing had fulfilled her needs to see and do, but not the one for connection. Would she ever feel that recognition one feels when  finding a love? Someone who looked into her eyes like they had always known her? The contrasting needs of feeling close while protecting one's heart? 

Yes, she had gone and seen, she had seen the world and done a million things. She could fill three books with adventures. She had love affairs that always came to an end when she needed to move on. She met many people, saying hello and goodbye to each as the time came to move on. 

Now in the quiet warmth of dusk, now when she was tired and surrounded by beauty,  she wondered if the real adventure was in the daily union of two people, if sharing life would replace her wanderlust, or if seeing life with another person would be her next adventure. 

The breeze picked up, moving one curl across her face. She felt a warm dog run up to her, and she reached down to pet the crown of a soft head as soft brown eyes looked at her with love. This dog loved her. A stranger sauntered up with a dangling leash, a man with equally soft brown eyes. 


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Thursday, July 12, 2018

I Like Thursdays #97 flamingos, art, shadows and a poodle

Welcome to this week's list of likes! I like flamingos (surprised? ) I am happily finding some flamingo treasures that have been packed away for 6 months plus. The lovely ceramic planter used to live on the back porch table in MD, now on my kitchen desk.
The tall one footed fluffy haired flamingo was a gift long ago from my sister Patty. She asked if it was too tacky... (can a flamingo item BE tacky??? I don't think so...) (It's a writing pen!!)
seriously the unpacking takes much longer than one might suspect, I wrote a story about that in this post (click here  )
I Like getting the kitchen boxes down to one level instead of teetering on the verge of avalanche.
I also have this crazy idea of finally organizing my stuff, hence piling it in categories on the table til it's all unpacked and I can see what I want to keep and what I no longer need.

It was a mess like this when I did the studio reorg back in MD, it's always darkest before the dawn.

Then there is the issue of trying to find a place in the kitchen for things, at arms reach. I feel like a hobbit the cabinets are so tall here. I didn't even try to take a pic. I love finding my flamingo hand towels, and finding new ones at Kohls
and finding this ceramic hot plate again...
I liked finding my plaster angel and pink quartz rock for the porch
along with the cow planter I think I got when DH and I met. It's a tiny bit rusty but so am I.
I love getting rid of the paper from a box, and finding out my neighbor will be moving so he wanted our boxes! Yea! We didn't want to recycle them, and selling them is just a nightmare. I love that the papers look like a bouquet by the door!!
Kale salad with chicken, and poodle
I liked eating outside at panera last Sunday. It was hot, Colorado is like a convection oven, but I did not like all the smoke from wildfires in neighboring states
It can be choking to me. I get sinus headaches. Poor people losing property from them. And still on the fourth of July, with a ban on fireworks, some eejit set off enormous ones in our neighborhood!

Stupid stupid.

We went to the Cherry Creek art festival in Denver on Friday. You know me, you know I love going to an event especially an art festival. It was hotter than you can imagine, (Milo stayed in the AC at home) but wonderful and deserves it's own post later.
I wanted many items but only got lunch, a really terrific Thai dish made in the worlds biggest wok

And I really wanted this etched glass bowl... more pics later
One artist did not allow me to take photos of his lovely sculptural baskets, but I looked up and saw this shadow of trees through his tent, so here is my artistic shot for shadow Sunday

I liked this post by Ann at     ( https://fretnotyourself)

It was an artistic discussion that really got my creative thoughts flowing. I can't find supplies at the moment but it was so interesting I wanted to go find them! I also loved this quilt, the way the two outside borders blended but also contrasted creating depth.

Milo's Moments 
Hi Y'all. I'm trying to get adjusted to the new cave, I even peed in the back yard. Finally one large enough to handle a poodle's pee. (I wouldn't go at the rental too small yard) This week I've been meeting dogs like 
Floyd the pug (hi Aunt Nancy) 

and Mooch

And the neighbor's son came over, and we played chase me and we played fetch the ball and I heard Mama laughing from the porch as I dragged him across the yard by a big stick! He was so funny running along while I tugged the stick! 

Please visit these friends also keeping track of likes this week, and consider joining us, just let me know in comments if you do an I Like post. One anything that made you happy this week.



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Sunday, July 8, 2018

writing prompt July 8, 1918 "It's a start"

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "A Short History of Silence" by Jane Yeh: bread, smile, promise, eaves, wrapper, rock, kiss, sleep, porch, candles, doorbell, braid 

 My offering this week:  a bit personal!                        
                                                                 IT'S A START

She was so very tired from decision making.

No one told her how hard it would be to unpack each box, find the things she had lived without for six months, and now decide where to put old things in new spaces.

She didn't know how to deal with the fact that she had paid  two sets of movers to move things she no longer wanted or needed.

She hated to waste money. She also wanted a fresh start, and each box required decisions about whether to keep the old, or start anew. How would she define their new space, and herself as well in this new setting?
It was a chance to change!

A person can change themselves as well as their dishes or towels. They can be a different person when meeting people, they can define themselves in a new way, life can start again. A do-over sort of.

All these decisions were tiring. She thought the great purge of aught-17 would have gotten rid of all the excess from her beloved cottage but no. Now she was coming to realize she may need more of a fresh start than she imagined. Few of her precious belongings looked right here.

 So she had a hard time unpacking, meaning she had a hard time moving on. She was a keeper, wasn't she? Or maybe not totally... maybe she can let go. Maybe letting go is the lesson.

Sitting on the back porch became a haven from the decisions and letting go. She was never good at letting go... broken special cups, old pictures, mementos from trips, old stuff from her grandma, people. This was a new day, and she was coming to see life differently.

Maybe the things were less important now. Maybe she changed, or somewhere along the cross country drive she crossed a line between then and now.

As she sat on the hot porch, watching flying things buzz around her and heat waves rise in the cloudless sky, she noticed a neighbor from the house behind hers, waving.

She dragged her tired butt to the fence, putting a happy smile on her face because she wanted to make friends. This neighbor welcomed her to the neighborhood with an iced loaf of braided  bread. She smelled it's aroma, and noted the icing was stuck to the wrapper. Sweet! Sweet bread and sweet welcome. In a few sentences they learned the basics about each other as a starting point.

She liked her! Then the neighbor said they want to move... oh.... so many starts and endings...

as she perched on the rocks between their yards, she felt the old tug of her heart wanting to fit in. Wanting to find a friend with whom she felt safe. Someone to share a laugh with, or a problem. A smile she could trust. Her dog ran over to meet the neighbor too, then the neighbor's two boys shyly approached from the back door with a pretense of needing something. They lingered looking deeply into her eyes, then reached out to the dog who kissed them on their small hands.
The promise of friendship...please let it be!

She hoped it would work out this time. She dreamed of it as she fell into an exhausted sleep each night. She wanted to belong here.

With a smile they parted to return to their respective work, but it was a start.

Friday, July 6, 2018

My what lovely crafts you have!!

note the water spraying down from the arch!
I look up events each weekend, as I love an event! Last weekend there was an art show in my new city of Aurora. We drove there and... surprise, nothing. We found the library and asked and they said, we have no idea why it's not going on! The next day I said, lets try the one in Colorado Springs!
Well, it WAS going on and wonderful! It was held in the America The Beautiful park amid mountain views. People had come for the day, brought shade from the sun, picnics, blankets for lounging, food for snacking and everything one needs to enjoy a day out. There was live music to enjoy as you walked around, even people dancing in front of the band!
The big sculpture had a waterfall which was blowing in the constant wind here, so kids were stripped down to their "unner-wears" and playing in the mist!
There were high quality artists and some other booths like this one, where we were welcomed in and invited to come share the spiritual side of life. What good energy was emanating from the small tent!
I showed the drums and baskets from an African artist, on yesterday's post (  I Like post #96 ) and interviewed several artists, as I do, which makes it even better for me! I love to hear about other people's creative process, how they overcome obstacles, and how they approach making art.
We were drawn in by the huge graphic musical instruments, but stayed in to talk to the artist. She is a retired military disabled vet, used to live in Florida (as did I) used to live in MD (as did I) and loves music. She used to paint signs for businesses, then used those skills to move into making art.
Her work is textured from painting with thickened paint through oral syringes! I loved the brilliant color, the close up graphic design and the composition. While we were talking, she got a call about having to evacuate her home because the wild fires were approaching.
that's a real drum top!  Her contact info if you want memory ain't what she used to be, but I asked her the usual questions. Her only obstacle to making art was time, but now that she is retired, that's being overcome! Yea because she is one of a kind.

We were having such a nice time, visiting with dogs and people, hearing music, that I forgot to take a lot of photos.

Milo had a great time too, meeting so many nice dogs in all shapes and sizes.

He approaches with manners, slowly and tail wagging. Then picks up on their energy. Older dogs will cause him to just sniff quietly, and younger ones cause him to puppy bow and leap in the air as invitation.
Don't you wish people could be so intuitive! And open to meeting? He's not fool hardy, he stands at a respectful distance from big great danes, and tiny chihuahua's with sharp teeth, but overall he greets all of them.
I took a lot of time in this booth, talking to the artist as I really wanted several of his pieces.
The big blue birds flying spoke to me for over the mantle but I just wasn't sure it would fit well. And the walls in our home are some cross between drywall and plaster, so one doesn't just pound a nail in.
That piece is about 54" across and oh the colors!
He did such varied work, from nature, to human form, from representational to abstract. I asked which one was his favorite, and he said now it's the more abstract ones. They are the essence of shape and line, made of metal, bent, shaped like sculptures, painted like 2-d work. They create more soft lines than you'd think metal would appear. He has developed a way of applying paint so it speckles and blends. A very quiet man, he did other work which led him step by step to what he is making now.

One must do the work, in any art form. You grow by making... step by step one success or non-success leads you to the next idea. Then it's not enough to imagine it, you must make it. Enlarge the pic to get his name and info on his card. I suspect we'll contact him and commission some pieces.

We wanted to buy many pieces of art, but being in closing shock still, and not really sure what direction we want the house to take, we held back til we saw these small macrame bracelets...

The owner was kind, and had a tempting dog in his booth that took Milo in ahead of us. They would have romped!

Even my quiet, non jewelry wearing husband found a wonderful subtle wristlet that the artist fit to him.

I used to make macrame jewelry, tying small knots with long waxed linen thread and adding beads. I was enticed to get an ankle bracelet for summer that has a pearl dangle on it.

The maker said he puts his on and wears it night and day even in the shower. His had been on for weeks and showed no signs of wear.
We saw lawn ornaments I wanted, pictures for the wall, jewelry and more but we left adorned with jewels to remember the day. Milo had lots of fun and was not ready to leave but the day was drawing to a close and the drive home would be long. We bathed and trimmed the baby the day before, and isn't he pretty in his summer coat?
as we stood listening to the last song before leaving, we noticed the little painted rock under a nearby bush. I love finding these! A family of three passed by us on their way out, and the daughter who looked to be about 6, bent down and picked it up to take. I love the connection, the secret quiet connection between someone who painted it and the girl. I wondered what she would do with it, and if it would somehow change her a bit at home.

She carried home her own artwork from the show.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

I Like Thursdays # 96

Welcome to this week's list of likes. You know I am partial to a cow... and am in the mess of unpacking boxes. Did you realize when you unpack a box you now have to find a place for all that stuff in the new house?  My friend Diane in Texas put it so well, she said, it's tiring to make all the decisions necessary after you've moved. So true.
come on in and sit a spell, y'all. While I show you a few pictures. I've found things that might not fit in the new space, what to do??! We got this entertainment center (set your clocks back to the 80's) at a yard sale and hope it will work for our old stereo (plays 5 discs on random, so we keep it) and TV. The previous owner had a 70" at least TV on the wall which would hurt my neck to look up to view. I like the current set up. The family room is sparse, and that's just fine with me at the moment! Four chairs, three glass tables, and two dining room furniture items.

Maybe I need a little angel on my shoulder to help... or one on granny's china cabinet.
I haven't had the heart to see if the glass shelves survived two moves. Truth be told I am enjoying the sparseness from clutter right now. My life feels chaotic with all the things that must be done immediately so a clean cabinet is nice. Know what I mean? I refinished this when I was about 20, and cherished every piece of furniture granny gave me. This was painted a green color. I just love it and the lines of it. It was stuffed full in MD and if I have to get rid of everything I will not do that here.
We have a lot of fruit in the house right now... cherries, grapes, blueberries, watermelon. It's blistering hot, so fruit is just the perfect snack and desert. We also made the long trek to Trader Joes last weekend and got muffins! yum. I found the Christmas Flamingos sent to me after we moved, had been packed up without me seeing it! (flamingos... love...)

I just love the lines and swirls of this baker's rack which used to live in the dining room in MD and held our microwave.

It doesn't fit in the kitchen here, so it's living in the living room. The formal living/dining room inside the front door. It's repurposed at the moment to hold our entry stuff, leash, hats, purse, poop bags, you know and all the swirls are perfect to drape it on!

Win! At the moment that room is full of big boxes, so we'll see how it changes at time goes by.

I liked this little pen drawing of Milo, done in one minute as a creative boost... he just loves to yank my arm off to chase all the bunnies here. Especially the bite size ones that just sit like rocks as he approaches. He never misses spotting them.

We went to a craft show in Colorado Springs last weekend and it was small but glorious. It deserves it's own post with artist interviews and pretty pics but to note it, I'll show you one now... I loved it!
It was so much fun, worth the hour and half to get there thru traffic jams! All the color, the views, the nice artists, people setting up chairs and picnics while listening to cool live music. I found many items I wanted to purchase, and will share that in the special post.

Milo's Moments
I loved being at the art show with the peeps!!! I met SO many people and dogs, felt the spray in my hair from the fountain, ate stuff I found on the ground (don't tell Mama)
 I could have taken this little girl home with me! She was so full of fun! 
I have no idea what this is... 
but it smelled like some critter
Mama here, it was a drum from an African artisan who also sold baskets I liked
Hey! This is Milo's moment not Mama's moment!
I had a grand time dragging my peeps from dog to dog, from kid to kid, and petting all the people there. There were dogs in artist's booths too, heh heh little surprises for me to find, and I did. Mama should do that, have a booth and take me! I'd sell out all her stuff!

That's it for now y'all, don't fur-get to visit the other people keeping it pawsitive this week!

If you want to see how I celebrated the Fourth of July, click here! ( happy-birthday-america)


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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy Birthday America

Hooray for the Red White and Blue!
I love what America stands for, I love our constitution that protects our rights, I love it when Americans stand up for freedom and stand with countries that also stand up for human rights!

Our country was built on immigrants, freedom of religion, the right to do one's very best in life.

May we all  remember the people who fought to create a safe place for Democracy and citizen's rights to speak their minds. It's our right and privilege to let leaders know when we disagree with them, in order to maintain the values we hold true.

This morning we attended a neighborhood party, a bike parade led by the local fire fighter's. It was a safe place to gather, meet and chat with people we live near, for kids and dogs to play. Want to see some pictures of the day?
meeting neighbors

The firemen sprayed the kids with the big hoses
there were bouncy houses and games like sack races and water balloon toss
There were colorful bikes
tiny bikes
tiny dogs
from great Danes to boston terriers
Scaredy dogs...
chewing up a bottle helps a poodle calm down
and dogs to become friends with...
How cute is this corgi? Also a year old
All in all, a good way to celebrate the morning of the Fourth, with everyone smiling and getting along with each other. No matter your "species" !

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